I'm a newbie to this so bear with me please. I want to use my new NN5 to shoot mostly multi row and column hi res panoramas. I'm wondering if someone could offer some suggestions as to what the most common used focal length used is. I have a nikon 18-200 vr zoom but would prefer to buy a prime lens for this use due to zoom creep. I want to go with a standard or short tele for background detail and have been leaning towards the Tokins ATX 100mm pro macro and would like some feedback on this from a seasoned pano shooter. I shoot a Nikon D300 and also have a 50mm f1.8 prime as well as the 12-24mm f4, also have the 80-400 vr zoom but think that's to large. Any ideas would be welcome as I leave for Iguazu Falls in 1 month.


Brad Cole