Hi everyone,

I just ordered a Canon D450. Also, I am planing to buy the Ultimate R1 very soon.

I have two alternatives of lenses to buy to shut interiors:
  • Sigma 8mm. Since my camera is not full frame, the full circle will be cropped by the sensor
  • Sigma 4.5mm. Due I got small camera, I can get the full circle and perhaps need less pictures to get a panorama

Both are supported by the R1 system. I noticed the Sigma 8mm is very popular. Not the case for the Sigma 4.5mm. I sense this last one fits my needs (small sensor), but since I am new at this, I am concerned about getting something is not very well documented in reviews, articles and forums.

Which lens would work better with the NN Ult. R1 having a few shots as possible in interiors? :-\
What experiences you guys have with both?
Is it important to think about the software I will be using to make a decision?

I really appreciate any help,