I have a new problem with my NN3 MKII setup. I bought a corded remote, the Nikon MC-DC2 for my Nikon D5000. This remote has a rather long plug that sticks straight out of the side opposite the grip.

When the camera is being rotated into zenith-shooting position, the remote's plug hits the lower rotater tension knob of the NN3.

The plug has a bit of flexibility, so if I'm very careful I can ease the plug past the knob. However, I'm afraid that if the camera slips while being rotated I may break the plug or the camera's remote receptacle.

The D90 uses the same remote. I read on another forum that a D90 user broke his camera's remote receptacle by accidentally bending the plug.

I think a taller vertical rail would solve the problem, but I don't see one available.

Any suggestions?