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  1. Nodal Ninja 5 with RD16 1 Click Off


    I just purchased a NN5 with RD16, Quick Release and Levelor II. Upon arrival, it went together easily and finding the Nodal was straight forward as well. However, I have my click stops set at 60 degrees and although it stops every 60 degrees, my scale is 1 mark off beginning with zero and every setting thereafter (when the head is set to 0, it is showing 1 line after zero, 60 is one line after 60 and so on). I was wondering if this is normal... love the unit but having the click 1 line off from the actual markings is annoying, especially for a precision piece of gear. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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    I think the lower "degree plate" is misplaced. You find two tiny little hex screws, one of them at 270¬?. To use with the very small black imbus screw which comes with the set. Till now i did not loose this lower part. I would loossen the two screws and try to set the lower part right to 0¬? and re fix.

    Hope this helps.


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