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  1. A few pano for you


    Greeting from London

    First one on New Year's Eve was the worst, absolutely freezing 6 hours waiting and never again
    Second one at the Boat Show in London, and the third one in Kosovo, well London of course - R1 with the adaptor on R-DL3, Nikon D3X and 16mm AF
    Last one in Galapagos a couple of years ago on a Kaidan Pano Head - Mamiya with Phase one P45 and 35mm lens





    Take your time to load - Highres

    Hope you enjoy them

    Erik Hoffman
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    excellent. I like the fireworks.

    We listen. We try harder.
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    I thought of taking a pano at new years eve with fireworks as well but i did not dare because of a lot of snow.

    Brilliant, and even the television is there to watch you .

    Nikkor 16mm fisheye is a nice lens, i like it. May i ask you what sort of player you are using Erik?


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