hello everyone!

There seen to be a lot of similar questions regarding the R1, R10 work about?
I would appreciate it if someone could summaries the whole R1/R10 work flow?

I was wondering if you could advise me on how to get a optimum 360 panorama with an R1/R10 models.
I'm using a 4.5mm sigma and a 10.5mm Nikon on a D300.
I also sometimes use a 8mm and 16mm on a D700

What would the optimum tilt be to capture the entire spherical top and bottom.
How many degrees of tilting top and bottom will be required to get a complete coverage?

Are there any recommended presets for these 4 lenses on a the R1?
So that I'm able to stitch without a hitch.

Secondly I saw a pole adapter and since I've never done pole photography before.
What is the best method of shooting a 360.
How would you rotate or tilt the camera exactly at 120 degrees or 60 degrees and how would you get the azimuth and the nadir with your feet being on the ground?
Is there a recommended work flow?

Also could you please recommend a light weight pole that I can carry around amongst a crowd?