Wacky idea for pole adapter....

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Thread: Wacky idea for pole adapter....

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    Hello -

    A solution perhaps to your paint pole project.... purchase a tripod center column at 1" diameter and slip that over the end of the painter pole. No need to bother with adapters. Tape the column securely to the pole. This way you can attach any head to the end of the pole.

    Have fun!

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    My adaptor arrived today, but is very disappointing.

    I needed to wrap electrical insulation tape around the 5/8 pole to build it up to 1 diameter before the clamp would tighten enough and would not trust my camera on such a flimsy arrangement.

    Perhaps Acers solution is the way forward, which is a pity because the adapter cost 3.39 (post free) whereas a Tripod Center Column is going to cost at least 25, which detracts from the low cost painers pole.
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    Are there any longer clamp screws that could be used to make the 30mm gap smaller?
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    a panorama pole I made from a painters pole of 2.4 meters I made a couple of years ago.

    At the time I looed at the bophoto clamp for this design.
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