Can someone help me understand the panorama calculator for a 14 mm lens. I am lost on the HFOV and the VFOV and how to set the detent on the RD - 16.

14 MM on a D3/x/s = 104.1 VFOV (Portrait) and 81.2 HFOV (Portrait)

Type in 35 % Overlap and press calculate.....

5.3 Images Landscape and 6.8 Portrait.....

What the heck does this mean (Drain Bead or Brain Dead) Starts here.....

A) Its take 5.3 images to make a 360 degree pano in a landscape
B) It talkes 6.8 images to make a portrait

I am SOOOO lost at what this means?

Thinking like this and using the NN5 and Rd16 I should expect to round up, 5.3 to 6 and divide 6 by 360 to make 60 degrees and that is what I set the detent to if the camera in orientated in the Landscape Fashion (Which using the upper and lower rail it would not)

hence (Upper and lower rail combo force the camera into Portrait mode)

round 6.8 to 7 and divide by 360 thus equaling, 51.4 degrees between shots so in a portrait camera setting I would need to set the Rd-16 to somewhere around 51.4 degrees?


Tom Quinn