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Hi Guys

Based upon feedback from this forum, I have decided to go with the Nodal Ninja 5 and the PTGUI software.

With that being said, I understand I would need the RD16 if I wanted to shoot above 50mm and the RD8 if I should below 50mm.

If I go with the NN5 standalone version, what is the minimum and maximum focal length I can use? Nick, you had stated the NN5 is a good solution if I want a more affordable Nodal Ninja head. Will that
give me the option to upgrade to the RD8 or RD16 down the road?

The default rotator supports finest interval of 10 deg. It is good for focal length below 100mm equivalent. You can upgrade to RD8/16 at any time.
if you want to get most value for your money, go for NN5L.