I have been an ecstatic NN user ever since I started shooting pano's and it has always been a pleasure using the fanotecs line of products.

I like to use only the best equipment as I believe you get what you pay for. Generally it is money well spent in terms of Quality, ease of use, durability and precision(especially under demanding circumstances)

I make use of the NN5 with the RD-16 rotator, quick release plate and EZ leveler 2.

Recently I upgraded my camera to the 5D Mark II. Together with L series glass this is somewhat heavier than my old 30D and 17-55.

However, today when I was attempting to calibrate my lenses I found that my 24-105 lens could not sufficiently focus on the bolt ( Lower Horizontal Rail ), So I switched over to my 16-35 lens to set the lower rail instead.

While securing the body to the Quick release plate via the pull knob the actual bolt inside snapped! see picture [img][/img].Coming from an engineering background I know all about over tightening and stress on certain structures of equipment. This was certainly not a case of over tightening but rather a weak point in the design of the Pull knob.

I have been using this setup since your EZ-leveler 2 came out. So thaté─˘s what? About year old? Is this common with the quick release? I must say I am a little disappointed.... How could I get a new bolt over here In South Africa? Is it a specific kind of bolt that I could buy from a specialist bolt supplier or was this bolt manufactured just for your quick release systems?

Thanks for reading