Turkish dinner in Rouen 2
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  1. Turkish dinner in Rouen 2


    Here is a second panorama I shot just before the dinner, during official speeches.

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    Curious if you are able to sell these prints? And would you un-blur the face of the person buying a print or all faces?
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    As I am just an amateur, I am not selling pictures. My goal is just to give people a good souvenir of their dinner.
    Concerning the blur, I have just done it that in order to put the picture on line.

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    But why blur them? One of the main principles of photography (panorgraphy included) is to enable others to SEE what has been photographed.

    Blurring faces or advertisements or license plates or who knows what, goes against everything that photography stands for.

    To the best of my knowledge, there are no laws in Turkey that require blurring.

    One of the people (woman sitting at the second table from the right) does not have a blurred face.... has she complained?

    If I was at some social gathering (private or public) and my picture was taken and published online, I would have no objections. But if my face had been blurred, i would sure as heck demand that the picture was removed immediately, and I would not hesitate to contact a lawyer and enforce the issue if needed.

    By removing the faces, the pano has lost all character.

    That's how I view the issue.... and that's an UNblurred view of mine

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    Unfortunately, the picture was not taken in Turkey, but in France.
    During a year, we have had what they called, the turkish season in France, in order to discover the turkish culture.

    You right for the woman sitting at the second table from the right, I forgot her. :-\

    Concerning, why I did it that way, it is because in France they are getting crazy about "people image rights".
    So, I decided to blur the faces.

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    Here in the US public places are fine but private venues would require the signing of release forms which some photographers always keep in their bags. There may be some recent changes however under newer child protection safety laws. I was stopped at a carnival from doing panoramas because of this law.
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    The world has gone mad.

    Next thing on the schedule is probably to allow cameras in public ONLY if these have their lens covers on. And in a good EU regulated way, the material choice of the lens covers should be environmentally friendly, described in detail to ensure that no cheating could take place. Lens cover should first of all not be transparent.... and should be completely illegal to remove from the lens... etc.

    I can understand and accept asking people for "permission" to shoot photos when they are inside private establishments, while public space belongs to the public... and therefore should require no special permission.

    When I have been shooting in private businesses (restaurants) I do ask people if they mind me making the shots and include them in those. Until now there has not been a single incident of people objecting. IF someone would object, I would request of them to turn their heads away from the camera, or step outside.

    The authorities can invent whatever term they want to introduce new draconian laws that limit people's freedom, but I won't be placing myself in any lines, preparing myself to adhere to the new restrictions on human activity.

    Sorry for going this far off topic with this, but the issue is very much related to what's on display, and it is important for us to allow our cameras to shoot images without having to blur the images later on.

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    I agree with what you wrote.

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    I thought It was difficult in the UK... But is more in peoples perception.
    In public you can shoot what you like, Including passing children or working police.
    However people think shooting children is illegal, But that is only true if the shots are indecent. (but not worth having a fight about)
    We have no personal image laws here.
    In private, the Owner can ask any one to leave (including Photographers)
    However you do not need to ask anyone's permission to include them in a shot.
    If you upset people the owner will probably ask you to leave.

    No one including police have the power to ask you to show what you have taken, or delete them. That requires a court order.
    I have never heard that such an order has ever been given.

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