Canon 5D + 17-40mm Settings?
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Thread: Canon 5D + 17-40mm Settings?

  1. Canon 5D + 17-40mm Settings?


    Correct me if Im wrong, but I do 8 shots at -30 and 8 shots at +30 on the NN5 in 45 degree increments, then Nadir and Zenith shots?

    Just trying to confirm Im using the right settings, Ive been contemplating switching away from the Sigma 8mm, as this L lens is much sharper, but Im now shooting up to 18 shots X 3 (Bracketing).
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    You are using the recommended minimum settings. 6 around is only barely possible.

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    But you should be really careful, because with 6 pictures, you only get 11,3% overlap.
    I would recommend 7 pictures at 0?, which gives you an overlap of 18,4% and 2 pictures at +/-77.5? to complete the sphere.
    Total of 11 pictures to taken to achieve 360?x180?.

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    I take 18 shots, this includes the Nadir and Zenith, so I believe that will suffice?

    I also screwed the stitching up by adding a battery grip, I have to measure out the distance now that Ive added a grip right?
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    sometimes you may run into trouble with an overlap of around 18 %.

    For 17mm a save set up would be 8 shots with 45? at +/- 30? pitch plus +/- 90, total shot of 18.

    Might take more time while shooting, often saves a lot of time at home. Make your own experiences.

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    Yes, you have to check the battery grip offset. Check the two mounts of the grip to the tripod and to the camera. Nikon grips do not only ask a new setting for the lower rail, but because of the offset of the two mount also new upper rails settings by 6mm.

    I prefere not to use a battery grip. If you need it because of speed improvements, ok. But it might be a solution to use the quickest CF card you can get to save time while storing. Sandisk CF Extreme Pro now works with 90mb/sec. There is a lexar one as well.



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