Having bought R1 for more than a month, I find the documentation absolutely miserable and really needs improvement.

In the camera settings page on your website, there is a decent list of lenses listed, but the settings are mostly empty. Being a manufacturer, I think it is essential to provide a complete set of documentation, not something mostly empty.

There is so much guesswork involved, and nobody is sure what is the correct setting even with common lenses such as Sigma, Nikon, or Canon. There is also no proper explanation on the purpose of tilt and roll too. E.g. what is nadir and zenith? (I had to google for nadir/zenith) How will tilting affect nadir and zenith? Should I keep my camera horizontal, vertical or roll it to 60 deg? What is the output difference between horizontal vs vertical vs roll?

What is lacking is a _complete_ settings table that would look something like this:
Lens make & model; Camera Make; Format (FF/APS); No. of shots; Tilt; Roll; Setting

Each line in the table should cater specific format, instead of lumping it together as found in your documentation "3 shots around (on full frame sensor or APS sensor with 60 deg roll)"? So does the 60 deg roll refer to APS sensor only or both APS and FF?

The R1 is a very well-made product with great finishing, but too bad I had a hard time using it.