Hello everybody,

I recently received my nodal ninja MKII3 and I have already created my first panoramic image (is it ok to say panorama?)! The result is outstanding compared to other panoramas I have made with hand held images and with my own homemade panoramic mount (awful!!). There are a few minor stitching errors but that is most likely because I did not properly align the camera on the mount with respect to the no-paralax point.

Anyways, I have not yet published it on the web because I am having issues coming up with a good quality yet low sized immersive panorama (flash tour). So my question is: What are the standard parameters most people use when creating 360x180 panoramas and publishing them to the web?

So far, I have been able to create a panorama no larger than about 20,000 by 10,000 pixels at a JPEG quality of 12/12. That's 200 megapixels! It took Autopano Giga 3 and a half hours to stitch it all together on my notebook. The image is spectacular but it is way too big to put on the internet. So I am wondering what is a more acceptable size? I like the huge image and it is great, but is it too much? Maybe 10,000 by 5,000? 360cities, requires a minimum size of 6,000 by 3,000.

Also, when creating the tour what are the best parameters to use (specifically using autopano tour)? With Autopano Tour I have made nice tours with the size set to maximum (5000), jpeg quality set to maximum (12) and the cutting size set to 1200. The tour had an amazing amount of detail, but it took up way to much memory to be feasible on the internet.

Can anybody give an y suggestions? Thanks in advance.