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  1. Need help please!


    Can anyone help by telling the settings for Canon 400D + Sigma 10mm.

    I use Nodal Ninja 3II.

    Thanks and hope to hear soon!
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    The upper rail setting is approximately 92mm. The lower rail setting is the same for most lenses so see You can check the settings by following the setup advice given there.

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    Thanks, John!
    But, i have got another question. To which direction does this plastic part (see picture) go?

    There are two options - either this small hole goes to one side or another. It makes difference on measure.

    thanks again
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  5. Re: Need help please!


    Mount the NCP1 camera plate onto the camera with the screw in the hole that's in line with with the white lines, as shown in this picture from the User Guide:

    It doesn't matter which way round the plate is attached to the upper rail. The white line will always be in line with the socket on the camera so the scale reading will be correct either way.


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