Hi Guys,
I got the Nodal Ninja 5 a few weeks ago to go along with my 40D and Sigma 10-20 f/3.5. I am currently working on doing virtual tour photography for an office building. This includes several tours of each vacant office space. I have been having trouble, however, stitching the shots together. Theres seems to be problems with PTGUI stitching these spaces, because each photo has very little unique detail in it. I say this because the walls are all one color, the carpet, and then the ceiling tiles.. There is no furniture or pictures on the wall, etc.. It seems like the program has problems creating anchor points. I tried doing a couple tours in my house and it worked great, because there are things in each shot that are unique to that shot.. I hope i am making sense..

Anyways I was just wondering how you guys that do commercial real estate tours tackle this issue.. I have been so far just inputting manual anchor points and fixing the misalligned ones by hand, but this takes a bunch of time and I am not too good at it yet..