I've just received my new NN3II with R-D8. I'm very pleased with the design and workmanship.

I do have a problem, though. With my camera mounted, the horizontal rail pivots downwards at the point where it is mounted to the vertical rail.

It takes a great deal of tightening to hold the rail in position through a full circle series of shots. Any fiddling with camera settings is sure to cause downwards movement.

There's a thin, black plastic washer between the knob and vertical rail. It's very slick. I hope to use the bracket outdoors in our Canadian winter, where plastic parts become even more slippery and brittle in the cold. I'm afraid of breaking the knob or stripping the threads.

My camera and lens together weigh under 2.5 lbs, so I'm well under the 7 lbs load limit.

I'm wondering if less slippery washer would work better. Do I need a washer that screws on to the threads as the supplied washer does? Any suggestions?