I just received the RD8 rotator I purchased for my NN3 MKI. I chose the NN3 adaptor kit with it.

It came with a big bolt to bolt the lower NN3 arm to the rotator, some o-rings, and some small ~3mm bolts that look like they fit into the anti-twist sockets on the RD8.

My lower arm of the NN3 MKI has anti-twist pins press fitted into the arm, I removed those thinking the bolts in the adaptor kit would screw into the lower NN3 rail, then those bolts would sit down in the RD8's anti-twist sockets.

Problem is the anti-twist pin holes on the NN3 lower arm don't line up with the holes on the RD8.

Even looking at the newer NN3 MKII lower arm, I don't see how the anti-twist pin holes on that arm would ever line up with the anti-twist sockets on the RD8.

there are no instructions with the "adaptor kit", and I can't find any on the website.

Can someone tell me how this thing goes together?