Ok I need to do a check list as something has gone wrong? Please help if you can.

Nikon D3 with 16mm nikkor fisheye lens , NN5L top rail 68, bottom rail 86. Camera set to manual, lens set to F22 but manual mode in camera set to F11. Shooting in Full sun WB set to Sun, ISO 200.

OK..... Six shots around and one zenith vertical, all bracketed to 1 stop either side of normal exposure three shots every sixty degrees. Top rail tilt -15 degrees....Zenith +70

Computer....... each set of three images are blended in Apateur to make one HDR image of all shots.

PTQui........ lens set to circular, 16mm, when I stitch them all together, PTQui says control points needed, I run optimizer but this says GOOD? Finished panorama usless?

Any tips?........its doing my head in, as these are the same setting for other panos I have done which seem perfect...