Hello all,

I'm new to this forum and considering the acquisition of an NN5/RD8 setup.
Hopefully, someone can enlighten me.

I have taken 'typical' panos by simply rotating my rig on the tripod,
and arbitrarily adding about 10-20% overlap between my images.
Then of course, post process/stitching.

When I look at the rotator specs I see numbers like 18 degrees/ 20 stops,
30 degrees/12 stops, etc.
They all work out to an exact 360 degrees and I fail to see where the 'overlap' comes into play.

My only guess is that when using the settings in the camera/lens database,
the nodal point setup accounts for an overlap to be added among the image sets taken.
Also, when setting up a 'non-standard' body/lens with Fanotec's instructions,
the same 'overlap' will be taken into account.

Am I on the right track, or am I just a dimwit.
(I'd ask my wife the same question, but I already know her answer)

Any feedback is appreciated...thanks for your patience.


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