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    very crisp like the high mountain air.
    Do you have link to flash or quicktime?
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    beautiful scene and sky. Do you use a cpl filer or edit the sky in post processing?


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    Thanks all.

    @nick fan: I never use a CPL filer for panorama pictures. I'm using most of the time Gradual Neutral Gray fiters from Cokin ND4 (P121M) or ND8 (P121).
    With multi row onley on the top row pictures.

    @ Bill Bailey: i'll post the quicktime link later on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seacat View Post
    @ Bill Bailey: i'll post the quicktime link later on.
    Flash would be great for those of us on 64 bit windows. If not I can use laptop to view
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    Hi Bill i've Quicktime running at a Windows 7 64 bit machine!

    Just install Quicktime.
    Browse to c:\Program Files (x86)\QuickTime
    Right click the file QuickTimePlayer.exe
    Click on option "Properties".
    Click on the tab Compatibility
    Tag the option "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
    And choose the option "Windows XP (Service Pack3)"
    Click "OK"
    Now you can just open (by dubble click Quictime Mov files.

    Now just wait for a 64 bit version of QuickTime.

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