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  1. Just bought a nodel ninja


    Hello to everyone, my name is don and im a very keen semi pro photographer with my own web site.I have just purchased my nodel ninja NN5cp for $540 aus dollars. i shoot a nikon d700 with battery grip, and am hoping to post some shots in the near future.
    cheers don http://dygphotography.ifp3.com
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    nice equipment, but i am not so happy with your battery grip. You have to know that there might be a difference in the mount postion from camera body to tripod connection. For the MD200 battery grip this differs for 6mm, that means you have to adjust the upper rail settings! I use my cameras without the battery. Even when you take for example macros, you set your tripod position: the battery grip is not very stable.

    You might loose the right postion in the vertical as well in the horizontal point of view. Using the battery grip with D200, the photos moved to the left in the horizontal point of view because the grip is not very stable.

    Better buy some more accus and use your camera without the grip. There seems to be no questions in advance to have "9 pictures per second" with the grip. Anyway, it takes it's time to take a pano.

    Conclusion, i do not use a battery grip for panos at all.


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    Hi Don, Heinz, everyone,

    I, too have just purchased a NN5 as well as a RD16 and Ez-Leveler II. I am very much looking forward to its arrival in the next week.

    I'm not new to panorama photography, however my efforts have been a hit & miss affair without a dedicated pano head (long focal lengths having had the best success). So, I finally decided to stop "guessing" and do it right. I'm sure this will be a steep learning curve and I'm sure I'll have plenty of newbie type questions. So please bear with me if some seem silly and please point me in the right direction if some have been answered before.

    Heinz, a very interesting piece, thankyou for that information. I assume that not using a battery grip will go for my Canon 40D (and the Canon 5D MkII when it arrives) as well? Thankyou in anticipation of your answer.

    Don, some lovely photos you have there... particularly the HDRs, something I experimented with whilst in Sydney last weekend.

    Predominently a severe weather enthusiast, but with a love of landscapes, you can check out some of my non-commercial work at Osprey Photography
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    thanks, Heinz, i will take that info on board and shoot without the grip, thank you sir
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    helen nice web site tooo
    love to go out shoot lightning with you one time, if your interested and in the sydney area. congrats on getting the nn5, much cheaper than a manfrotto 303.
    and thank you for the nice comments on my web site
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    Ah Don, wish I were in Sydney more often, but visits unfortunately are far and few between. South Australia's Mid North (Clare Valley) is where I call home.

    My Nodal Ninja arrived this morning from iPanoramic (Australian NN distributors). WOW!!! at the quality of it. It far exceeds the expectations I had. It was packaged extremely well and I wouldn't hesitate recommending their service to anyone in Australia. Platinum Express Post. Posted Friday, arrived this morning... now that's awesome!!!

    Lots to learn about getting the settings right, but putting it together was a piece of cake.

    I'm pleased to say there's no instability with the battery grip on the 40D, almost like it's fused to the camera. It's as solid as concrete on the NN5. This is comforting as I really don't like the thought of having to remove the grip which has been on the camera since day 1.

    If you can't tell, I'm awfuly excited.
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    Ya i am very impressed with mine too. looks like top quality, and tonight im out for a shoot of the top of blues point tower.
    ill post some pics later
    cheers don

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