Just Getting Started D300 & NN5 Complete.
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Thread: Just Getting Started D300 & NN5 Complete.

  1. Just Getting Started D300 & NN5 Complete.


    Hi Folks

    Just having a go at producing my first Pano with the NN5, planning to use the 70x200 NikonVR mainly shooting landscapes in portrait position, how do I set the Nodal Point,

    I have just read the following (But first, you need to set the position of the camera on the horizontal arm of the head so that the entrance pupil is laterally aligned with the rotation axis. To do this, you can rotate the camera to point vertically down.)

    The size of the lens will not allow me to do this, or am I missing something ? I appreciate any advice and help, this is my first attempt and maybe I am having a Senior moment.
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    Do you have an other shorther lens ? because you can do that specific setup with any lens, it just depends of camera body once it's done you'll be able to put back your 70-200 so you can setup correctly camera arm


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    Thanks Vincen, yes I do have shorter lens, I should have spent more time reading the tutorials, makes sense now.

    Much appreciated.


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