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  1. Oudenbosch Basilica


    Bigger version: http://www.xs4all.nl/~boomj/nodalnin...ersion-big.jpg

    The original panorama is made with 96 pictures, the size is 19756 X 7053 pixels.

    Picture during creating with in PTGui:

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    Hello Johan,

    That is a very pano, is it a spherical image that you cropped at the bottom side ?
    It would be nice if you could publish the image as high-res flash pano or as a Zoomify image to make it possible to explore the scene.

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    Hello Johan,

    Just what I expected, in the Zoomify lots of details are visible.
    Perhaps you can fix the nasty stitch error right/below the organ, because all other images are aligned well I think it will be not so hard to fix the trouble maker.
    Except from this little issue the pano is very attractive and it reflects the scene as I have seen it some years ago.


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