Hi guys,
I just got the NN3 + MKII. After setting it up though, it appears that my camera setup is too long to center over the adjustment screw... I have a Canon 40D with the new Sigma 10-20 f/3.5 (fixed aperature). Not sure if this lens is larger than the old one, as the camera settings page tells me to adjust it the horizontal length to 101mm.. At this length, though, the lens is extending over the nodal ninja rotation screw.. I have tried rotating the camera plate, to no fix. In order to get it to the right length, the camera plate has to extend beyond the horizontal rail stop to somewhere around 12.5cm.. The horizontal ruler shows maximum length as 12cm, but with the camera plate it seems the maximum length attainable is only 10.6cm.

Perhaps adding washers will enable the plate to sit flush overt he end stop, or maybe I have this all wrong..? I'm new to QTVR heads so I might be looking at this all wrong, or maybe I don't understand the calibration process..

Looking at the accessories, it seems like the T-Adapter will give me that extra length over the end stop.. Is this necessary?