I'm interested in learning how to get rid of the tripod in my pano picture.

I take all the pictures horizontally 360 degrees, then I take a shot looking straight up, then a shot straight down. The problem is, if your tripod is on a wood or tile floor (something with patterns), it is difficult to photoshop in the patterns so they all meet when converted to a quickitime movie in a sphere.

I'm shooting with a 10.5mm lens. I've thought of somehow putting the camera on a monopod, somehow supported from the side as close as to the position as is possible to where I had the tripod with my noda Ninja 5, then triggering the shot remotely. I've tried holding it out as far as I can (handheld) and still get my feet in the shot!

Since I'm new at this, I wanted to see what others have done to eliminate this problem. I'm sure I can't be the first one to experience this.

Thanks for your comments.