NN3 MKII for sale $190 unused
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Thread: NN3 MKII for sale $190 unused

  1. NN3 MKII for sale $190 unused


    I'm selling a NN3 MKII, brand new condition. Asking 180.00 plus 10.00 shipping. This is the basic model (comes in a cardboard box) that sells for $199.

    I purchased it and realized when it arrived that it wasn't designed to hold a full-frame DSLR with a 200mm lens. Now I (also) have the NN5, which is basically the same but bigger. Hopefully somebody out there is in need of a nice NN3. Thanks.
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    Reducing the price to 175 including shipping. 175 and a new NN3 MKII is yours. Email, reply or message me if you're interested by Nov 14th. Thanks!
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    Is this the stand alone or complete package?
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    It's the NN3 MKII with the standard rotating base. To quote the site: "Includes: 15/0 degree detent ring quick ref. guide, 2 rail stops. misc parts only."
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    appreciate the clarification - because we sell both stand alone and package many times folks might not understand the items they get in a transaction. We encourage folks to inquire about our trade-up program at time of purchase of higher end gear (valid for US customers only). If you are unable to sell it here you might also try eBay - much better exposure and many times Nodal Ninja's have sold for more than what the customer originally paid.
    good luck.
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    Item sold on Ebay. This thread can be removed, thanks!

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