Hello everyone, for those of you who do not know me my name is Terry Montague, for those of you who have seen my work have probably seen it so through my main website at regal360.com. I am posting here today because I have a new exciting website to share with everyone and that is www.regaltips.com

As a thank you to Nodal Ninja for letting me shamelessly plug this new site here I would like to offer you free add placement of a banner add on my website. Please contact me directly at terry@regal360.com for details, and to get the add set up.

I would like to give you all a quick explanation of what regaltips.com is all about.
1. First is to provide recognition of fellow Panoramic Photographers (this month is Sam Rohn). I want to welcome anyone interested in being featured to simply send me a link to your work. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a place to showcase other Panoramic Photographers with a way to show some insight into their work. There are many people who I believe deserve some much needed recognition, and I hope this website does exactly that.

2. Second is to provide a comprehensive video tutorial section and to share these "Regal Tips" with the community. My goal is to have a comprehensive collection video tutorial so that we all can learn and advance our techniques. I am also open to posting tutorials from others as well as a credit and a link back to their site should they offer up a tutorial for regaltips.com

3. Third is to review software/hardware and provide an honest and unbiased critique of the item in review. In this case I will be allowing guest reviews from other people in an effort to provide a comprehensive review database of popular hardware/software.

4. Fourth is to provide a new forum in which all vendors are welcome and organized making purchasing decisions easier. My hope is to have a general place for discussion where all major alternatives to hardware/software are considered. This is why I need your help to make sure Nodal Ninja is well represented on the forum.

So to wrap things up I want to give you a personal warm welcome to the new website. I also want to thank you for letting me post this here, and I would welcome feedback, questions, or comments.
Thank you for looking.