Hello Forum,

In case you like to build your own 3D dual camera setup here are some pictures of my setup.
Except for one small part (*) all components are standard Nodal Ninja parts.

Here is a list of the parts:
2x NN Ultimate rings with inserts and rails,
2x NN Arca style clamps,
2x NN 1/4" screws with big knobs (NN5),
1x NN underrail, lenght 20cm (NN5),
1x aluminium plate with 2 bolts M5 (*),
1x NN ring adapter for NN rotators model R-D8, R-D12, R-D16,
1x NN rotator R-D8, R-D12, R-D16.

Besides the 3D dual camera setup you also need:
2x DSLR cameras with fisheye lenses, (can be of different brand, model and/or with different lenses),
2x synchronized camera remote controls,
1x stable tripod,

With the setup the lenses can be placed from 84mm to 115 mm apart (center to center).
The setup can be used in all situations where there is a distance of at least approx. 1.5-2 meter from objects.
You need at least 24 images around per camera but more is better so if possible shoot 36 images around, therefore the rotator R-D16 is the best choice.

On my website you can see some examples of 3D panos created with a 3D dual camera setup (left camera EOS 450D+Sigma8mm, right camera EOS 5D+Tokina 10-17@12mm):

If you don't have all parts needed to build the setup then I am sure that Bill can help you with the missing parts.
(*) The only part that I made myself is the aluminium plate that mounts the underrail to the ring adapter with 2 M5 bolts.