Hi, some setup photos for you D90 NN5/RD16 and NN3 MKII.

You can not use the 17-55mm/f2.8 DX with the NN3, the upper rail setting needs a 132 at zoom 17. So you need an NN5 for this lens.

Do not feel irritated with the picture of the 10.5mmfisheye lens. It shows the lens with the mounted lens ring for the R1. And it is shaved, cause i normally use it with D3 on R1. But now problem at all to use it with the mounted lens ring on NN3 and NN5.

If you like to use larger and heavier lenses with the D90 than shown in the NN3, you have to choose for NN5.

The tripod for NN3, normally used for R1 is a lightweight solution from gitzo, GT1541.

The tripod for NN5/RD16 D3 is a manfrotto 055ProB.