newb, ghost town and back yard
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Thread: newb, ghost town and back yard

  1. newb, ghost town and back yard


    Purchased a NN5 awhile back but new on here. Some inspiring work by all of you. I've been messing around with some hdr and panos for the last few days. I used a NN5 and d700 with 20mm for both of these.

    3 rows +-15
    Shavano ghost town, light tone map settings.

    1 row of the bike pump track we're building in my yard. Of course my 2-year old snuck in my first shot. Can't believe I got him to stand still for me to get around 55 exposures later. Heavy tone mapping applied, probably needs less but I've moved on :-)
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    Home sweet home - at least it may have been for someone at one time :-)
    The colors really jump out (might be a bit too strong on second pano) and your NN5 is serving you well.
    thx for sharing

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