The subject line is a song for those that might not know For those that do know the song is probably now stuck in your head - sorry.
Some folks have been asking where I have been and humbling to know I've been missed.
I'm right here on the side lines but have been very busy working on a "complete" website makeover which is nearing completion.
If any of you know building a website up from scratch is no easy task - especially when you don't know html, css, sprys, ajax (not the cleaner) php, etc.
I've had to buy new glasses so as to crack open the books and learn Dreamweaver CS4 and glad I did. Yes there is a book called Dreamweaver for Dummies and it's sitting right here on my desk.
The website will be basic but very attractive and informative and hopefully help to answer many questions. We'll have a cool product selector, tutorials (always a work in progress) and even an eye pleasing surprise. Better too much information than not enough - nothing worse than walking into a book store and only seeing a couple books on the shelf. But I'm hoping the website will be organized well enough to find your way around easily.

Like a bull in a china shop I have to tread carefully or the shop will come crashing down. In my learning phase I experienced how easy it is to screw up the entire website with simple errors in css. There have been plenty of do over's but I'm backing up more and more often. And I'm leaving a few lesser important pages out (like the weather in Morocco page - darn) so we can go live sooner than later. I'm hoping folks will be pointing out errors and needed tweaks initially and we'll work hard to make the needed corrections.
Thanks for your patience and watch for the launch very soon.