Hello, everybody, I am new in this forum

I d like to know if someone from here which Nodal Ninja to choose, I d like to make virtual tours .

I have a Canon G10 Powershot with Genuine Canon Adapter for the lens a Raynox DCR-CF187PRO High Definition Full-Frame 185 Degree Circular Fisheye .

I d like to shot horizontaly and vertically, to shot full panorama, dont know if with this kind of lens, would cover everything.

I also need a tripod that suite my needs with the equiipment I have.

Also I want to be able to shoot in vertical position zoomed in for fullframe fisheye so I ask you if at Nodal Ninja they have a camera plate which I can use for that together with the NodalNinja 3 or 5. I dont know

Please advice me about this. I will Appreciated

Thank you