Antelope Canyon, Arizona
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  1. Antelope Canyon, Arizona


    Here's a pano I took during my trip to Antelope Canyon on Aug 26th.
    This pano was shot in Lower Antelope Canyon. There are two parts to the canyon, upper and lower.
    The upper canyon has much easier access, and walking, than the lower to it is more photographed and
    and lot more crowded.

    Exploring the lower canyon is more demanding involving going down ladders, scrambling over rocks and squeezing through
    some very narriow opening. For this reason it is not as crowded and, with a bit of patience, you have the time to take panos.

    Flash version:


    Hope you enjoy this effort.
    Feedback, good, bad or indifferent is always appreciated.


    Today is worth two tomorrows.
  2. Re: Antelope Canyon, Arizona


    Hey Rob,
    I can't believe no one has commented on your pano. It's excellent and worthy of Hans website. Maybe once Google picks it up you'll see more traffic.

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