New here, but I kept seeing Nodal ninja everywhere and this looks like the ticket for panoheads. Any Real estate Photographers here? I have a 20D which I would like to use. Right now I have the kit lens (18-55),but plan on getting a better one later on. But I am limited in funds as I lost my job last Jan. So I need to prioritize. The NN 3 with RD8 rotator head looks like the best deal. Plus i was thinking of getting PTGUI which seems to be the best for the money software.
I plan on shooting vertically, so do I need a special mount for the NN3, or does the camera just screw onto it?
So far I'm not getting a lot of responses to my calls for Real Estate Photography here in MA, but I'm hoping that will change, so I need to practice, plus I've been experimenting with HDR also using Photomatix, but I've heard HDR Photostudio,gives better more natural looking results, but one thing at a time.
Anyway what do you think of my choices and If you have any advice or info, please let me know. Thanks