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    Went to the east coast last week and got a chance to take some photos of NYC. This is about 15 shots from liberty state park.
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    Very nice panorama you shot.
    What are the parameters you used ?

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    This was shot with a 1DMKIII and a 24-105L lens. I think I shot it at around 70mm. They are all 30 second exposures. I shot in raw and used canon's raw converter to set the white balance and convert to jpgs. I stitched the jpgs in autopano and then cleaned up the image some in photoshop. Then used export to zoomify.
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    Thank you for those details.
    Did you shoot at 100 ISO ?

    I also use Autopano, I think it is a great software.

    On my side, when I shot the Bursa panorama, I used my 5D with a 100mm focal lens, in manual mode.
    The tough part was to place the sky correctly, because the wind had made it move and change between two raws.

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    nice pano !

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