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    I'm flattered by u guys comment.............a bit of pressure somehow for improvement

    Thanks all again.

    Bill, special thanks to yr twitter post too.

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    due to some reasons, its been a while since i log in to NN Forum...
    and now when i do log in, this post directly catch my interest....

    a very nice presentation of panorama & also the project..

    I'm interested on your web presentation.....is it customized or there are a template available....

    Thanks for sharing your work, it is really pleases my eyes & mind..

    Riefa Istamar
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    I'm following up the LNTK, for those who interest in this case, pls visit it at

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    Hi all,

    I finally publish my works of the Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate in Hong Kong.

    It was quite a happy ending to this project that some of the LNTK neighbors also attended the book launch http://www.johnchoy.com/?p=963

    And for those who would interest in the book, please visit http://www.asiaonebooks.com/productD...ookID=00000123


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    This is a great day for you having your own work in hands in form of a book.


    I adore you having gone this way, in first case you was a bit undecided. See our last posts, september, october 2009! A long way to go.

    I will order some books for me and my friends. I see it as a historical and cultural documentation.

    I will have a chin chin on you tonight,

    Best regards

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    Thanks Heinz for your support.

    I admit I'm lucky to have the book finally published but at the same time my mind is rather exhausted now. What I was doing in 2009 was some exhibitions and exposure-wise related things with the LNTK....................... seemed I came to a halt in terms of photography.

    I wish I can start a new project very soon.
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    submit them to Kolor at autopano pro http://www.panobook.org/ and see if you can get them published in this years book! closing date is july 19...

    good Luck


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