After having (and sold) nn3, I purchased NN 5 + RD16 Rotator.

I noticed that camera plate with NN5 came with cork, while previous one was with rubber.

After shooting +50 panos I also noticed that camera plate tends to rotate due to camera weight.
My equipment is not too heavy: Olympus E-30 + Zuiko Digital 8mm fisheye.
Cork also tends to compress so I need to tighten camera plate every so.

I tightened it well but I'm also afraid that I may damage thread on camera If I tighten camera plate too much.

I'm wondering how to ensure that camera plate isn't rotating,
because even small move may cause problems when stiching images into pano.

Doesn't rubber provide better friction and durability than cork?

NN5, especially in combo with RD16 isn't cheap,
so I'm unhappy when small issue like this sometimes causes me trouble in stiching,
or takes extra time because I need to recheck if camera plate is properly aligned with camera
every time I'm attaching camera onto NN.

Any suggestions?


PS: gluing it is out of question