Last week I purchased a Nodal Ninja 3 from Red Door in the UK and I think it is a beautifully engineered piece of equipment.
I have been using another make of panoramic head for some time now, but there is no comparison with the Nodal Ninja.
I think it is a great product!
I am so impressed by it that I thought I would like to thank Nick personally, but my search of the site only revealed Bill's email address rather than Nick's so Bill suggested I post my sentiments on the forum.
As a keen amateur with little budget I have gradually been improving my equipment and started by building my own panoramic head out of bits of aluminium I had in the garage, which was great until I changed my camera, so I purchased a panorama head which worked OK, but is not a patch on this latest purchase.
Having had a go at making a panoramic head myself I really appreciate the attention to detail in this product and look forward to making a lot of use of it.