It was just this past June 24th, that I had received my brand new NN5 kit but - sad to say - I must now sell it. My benefactor (it was a birthday gift) fully understands my financial position, as well as the fact that I must let this unit go. I have only had the opportunity to play with it a just couple of times, and I wish that I could keep it. But it must go. What I have is as follows:

1. NN5 with the RD-16 Advanced Rotator.
2. EZ-Leveler II.

Selling price is $475 + shipping. I am not in the position to separate the items so, hopefully, there is someone out there who is in the market for both of these units - which are in pristine condition. I am also not interested in dealing with EBay, which is why I have listed my items here.