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Thread: required settings for nikon lenses

  1. required settings for nikon lenses


    I have recently purchased the Nodal Ninja 5 and use it with my Nikon D90. I need the ?settings (for the upper rail) and would be very grateful if anyone could let me have them ?for the following Nikon lenses:?

    Nikkor ??12-24dx @ 24mm
    Nikkor 70-200VR @ 135mm?
    Nikkor 70-200VR @ 200mm
    Nikkor 35/2?
    Nikkor P45/28?
    Nikkor 60G/2.8 macro ?
    Nikkor 85/1.4?
    Nikkor 105/2.8 VR macro?

    Thanks ,?

    Ilan ?

  2. Re: required settings for nikon lenses

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    Hi Ilan,

    Distance of Lens Flange / middle of the tripod mount of some nikon cameras are the same. D80, D90, D200, have a distance of 40mm, my D3 has 40,5mm so i would take it as 40mm too.

    Cause all sensors of these cameras are in th same distance to the lens flange - 46.5mm- you might take over the data from these cameras for the D90. But you have to test these datas for your own equipment, cause there are slight differences between lenses and cameras in fabrication.

    12-24/24 112, 105/2.8 64, 70-200: from 105mm Zoom you have to turn the upper rail forward, 135mm 66, 200mm 135, use the lenses tripod mount and take the hole pointing to the front of the lens.

    This is all i can do for you right now,


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