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  1. Laguna Beach Arch 360


    This is a spot down in Laguna Beach, CA that I love to photograph. I went over the weekend to try a 360 HDR pano.[/img]]

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    Ooops messed up the link and I can't seem to edit my post...

    here's the link:
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    Fascinating colours. Things seem to have gone slightly awry at the nadir, though. Almost as if the equirectangular image had been stretched vertically to eliminate a hole or tripod at the nadir. But you wouldn't do that would you?

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    I used to live in Laguna but I don't remember where that arch is. Can you refresh my memory. Is is South of Brooks St? North of Main Beach
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    Yeah, the nadir is messed up because of the way I cloned out the tripod in photoshop. However I just found a cool filter for doing this better so my next effort should be better.

    The arch is on the beach in front of the Montage resort in South Laguna Beach.
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