Another question on 'stitching' software.
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Thread: Another question on 'stitching' software.

  1. Another question on 'stitching' software.


    I just browsed through a 'polled' posting, regarding stitching programs, and saw how PTgui left all the others in the dust. So I downloaded the trial, and gave it a shot. I also download the eight JPEG's of the building shot, which was exampled in their tutorial. I put the program through its paces, and waited for the stitched results to meet my vision. But not so. After waiting for a pretty good while, I decided to push this one button, which called up one of my external programs (CaptureNX2). It was only then - through CaptureNX2 - that I was able to see how PTgui had handled those 8 shots. Was that program supposed to do that? or did I do something wrong?

    The only stitching capabilities that I have are within two programs that I own: (1) MGI PhotoSuite4, and (2) the PhotoMerge Panorama feature in Photoshop Elements 7. I have just begun looking into them, and it seems that the both of them are there for no more than basic, single-row stitching. I am hoping to get into something a bit more capable than that.

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    The "Create panorama" button stores the finished image in the file defined by the "Output file" text box. You need to open the output file in some image viewing software to see the results.
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    For software support and questions you would reach a broader audience by joining and posting to the number one pano forum on the net today -
    PTGui also has some good support pages:
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    Hi Nathan,

    as markuk told you already, you have to define a place where you want to store your pano. Many people take a .mov file so that you can watch your pano in Quicktime player for example. There you can take a "tour around or look to the zenith or nadir." Might be handy to make a separate folder for your panos. I store my pics in Nikon transfer and then watch them with viewNX, before i go over to bridge and photoshop. Using HDRI you have to decide for the format you want to store the file. Depending on this, might be you have to use other viewers specially for hdri or you can use photoshop cs4 for example.

    When you stitch your first pano, only load your images without zenith and nadir. Align, then optimize. When the result is bad, open >advanced> controlpoints and through out those points which are bigger than 10 in distance or other rare points. Then optimize again till you find good or very good.

    Now load your zenith picture and : same procedure again: align optimize etc.

    Then load your nadir and again align optimize etc.

    Have a look to Pano2VR to work with your nadir and to produce flash or mov with hotspots etc or to place a mirroball as a nadir for the web. Many people use these two programs. Alternative is autopanogiga or autopanopro.

    Take your time and have fun

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    Looks like Pano2VR is coming along well and gaining greater popularity with each update.
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    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the input, which has served to put me on the proper plane of understanding.


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