I just browsed through a 'polled' posting, regarding stitching programs, and saw how PTgui left all the others in the dust. So I downloaded the trial, and gave it a shot. I also download the eight JPEG's of the building shot, which was exampled in their tutorial. I put the program through its paces, and waited for the stitched results to meet my vision. But not so. After waiting for a pretty good while, I decided to push this one button, which called up one of my external programs (CaptureNX2). It was only then - through CaptureNX2 - that I was able to see how PTgui had handled those 8 shots. Was that program supposed to do that? or did I do something wrong?

The only stitching capabilities that I have are within two programs that I own: (1) MGI PhotoSuite4, and (2) the PhotoMerge Panorama feature in Photoshop Elements 7. I have just begun looking into them, and it seems that the both of them are there for no more than basic, single-row stitching. I am hoping to get into something a bit more capable than that.