I Have been demoing PTGUI and AutoPano. I have been using Hugin for a while. I'm also demoing Pano2VR.

I am new to 360 panos and I have a problem that I thought you might be able to help with. My goal is to create 360 HDR VR panos.

I'm using a canon 1d MKIII and a Tokina 10-17 fisheye set at 12mm on a NN 5. I shot 3 bracked images for each position.

My problem is that I have only found one way to do this and get a 360 VR that does not have a vertical seem where the two ends of the pano meet. If I use PTGui to stitch and do the HDR tone mapping there is no seem if I choose a Spherical 360x180 projection.

However if I ask PTGui to output the non-tonemapped hdr file and tone map the file in Photomatix I get a seem where the ends of the pano meet.

Also AutoPano's hdr output has a seem no matter what as does Hugin's. Seems like even the LDR panos I create with autopano or hugin have this seem. If I choose the 360x180 projection in PTgui there is no seem.

I woudl really like to be able to use Photomatix to tone map my HDR images as I have been using it for some time and I really like their interface and result.

So Am I stuck, do i have to blend this seem in photoshop?