..no its not his actual room......it's one of my office meeting room named after Philip Kotler, the father of Marketing...:p

here is the link (Multiply link) : http://tr.im/nTTq

I also post some shooting information at my Multiply, so that everyone can review and make comments, critics, and corrections....and hopefully I can improve my VR..

One issue i cannot solve:
There is a visible joining line after i convert the equirectangular image to VR. What might be the cause of this visible line?...
The joining line is located to the right (pan to the right a bit) when you first open the VR...

Thanks in advance..

for those who prefer to directly download the VR files for better views, please click the link below (Rapidshare link, 3.5MB file size):
QuickTime (.mov): http://tinyurl.com/n3yt82
Flash (.swf): http://tinyurl.com/nujyst