Hello Forum,

A few days ago I shot some pole panos with the new Nodal Ninja R10 ring on the market of Ouddorp - The Netherlands.


Editing of the footprint of the pano that is shot in the shade of a house was a piece of cake by cloning the stones in the street with Photoshop and for the panos that are shot in the sun I used a separate nadirshots that are blended with PTGui's VP correction to get rid off the shade of the short pole. The nadir shots are taken a few steps aside from the original position.

The new R10 (without the rotator) is very suited for use on a pole, the 3/8" socket at the bottom of the base makes it possible to mount the R10 directly on a pole and the camera can easily removed from the R10 with the quick release (QR) clamp.
For pole panos I place the rail in a more forwards position on the QR clamp to place the lens approx. 10 mm out of NPP.
This is very easy to do as the rail can slide a few cm forwards and backwards in the QR clamp.
By setting the lens in a small NPP offset position I reduce the already small footprint of the R10 to almost zero, usually only my fingers around the pole are visible in the nadir of the pano.

For use on a tripod the R10 is also very suited but then I prefer a little up tilt of 2.5 degree, I then also mount the R-D4 rotator to the base of the R10 (with 2 screws and the supplied hex key).

Enjoy the panos.