Well, these are my first panoramas using NN5..

(sorry for the langguage, it's in Bahasa Indonesia, just disregard it)

There are 2 panos in that link.
First one was at Ayodia park. That was the very first time I use NN5. The result was a total disaster... I used Canon 400D + EF 17-40mm f/4 L for this VR.

The last one was at my office during weekend. Although the result is way better than the first one, but there are still some stitching errors at the Zenith and also Nadir.
For this one, I used Canon 500D + Tokina 12-24mm @ f/11. Fewer shots needed than using 17-40mm

I also tried making panoramas using Canon Fisheye lens EF 15mm f/2.8. My NN5 settings for this camera & lens combination are: 49mm (lower rail) & 81mm (upper rail). Please CMIIW... Below are the panoramas

This panoramas is not full spherical though, due to i didnt have a the chance to shoot the tilt down series... And also, i made a mistake by using auto focus, therefore you migh see blurry images on some (many actually) part of the panorama.

This one probabbly better than the previous one. but there are some ghosting visible due to poeple movements. I wonder, does using alpha channel to exclude some part of the person in the image might result in a better stitching result? i mean the ghosting would be eliminated?
Learning from the previous panorama, this time i use hyperfocal focusing & shoot at f8

Now this one i think is better than all of the panorama above......but still, exposure differences at the Nadir is still visible.....

So...thats all about it for now...i'am expecting some straight forward critics on my panorama, and hopefully i can improve my panos... Thanks in advance...

During my first experience, i found out that EZ-Leveler is a very CRUCIAL thing. Kinda regret not buying it with the NN5 in the first place......but will do soon...
Also, i'm thinking of buying either tokina 10-17, sigma 8mm f/3.5, or Nikkor 10.5mm for my Canon 400D.........

Many thanks to John hougton for his tutorial on Viewpoint Correction to patch the Nadir.....i'am not as good as the tutor though...but will do improve..