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No problem, Nick.

But, can you please fix it so I can order what I want? I need it for a major, extremely important project, and would like to order it and have it delivered ASAP. The big time client is waiting and I think the R1 just might be the anwser to my (our) problems. They were very nice to me and I would love to make their wish come true (360¬? from the top of the beacon in the hotel harbour). So pretty please with sugar on top...

Need to shot from that beacon, no place for downshot, so musthave as small nadir as possible. Thus, my earlier questions about the nadir size, muy importante.

If that does not work out, I will shot one more version, just in case, where the monopod will be protruding about two meters from the top of the beacon, parallell to the ground which is about 16 meters below. The monopod will have D300, Sigma 8mm F4 and, you guessed it, R1 on top of it. The rotating of the camera will be managed by rotating the monopod at the other end and not breathing for a while. Thus, my earlier questions about the security and complete safety of the setup.

D300, Sigma 8mm F4 are quite heavy. If the monopod is horizontal to the ground, you should pay extra attention and test the stability of the setup. Make sure there is enough friction between the Rotator and RD4. You may want to tape the rotator with duct tape.

I have informed Bill to make the correction. He might have missed my mail.
If you are in US, give a call to Bill. Contact info is at the website.


PS it is fixed now.