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Its getting terribly confusing about the whole R1/10 models.
Maybe a video of how to shoot with each on 10.5mm with crop or full sensor might demonstrate the usability of both products.

what is the real big diff between the 2 models? Wouldn't you need t shoot top and bottom for a spherical map?
And is the rotator going to change with each new ring that get added to the mix.

I'm assuming that new rings for 16mm, 20mm 24mm 35mm 50mm are in the works.

its hard to fathom how a camera like D3 or D700 sit with the lens taking on so much weight?
R1/10 is mainly for circular/ cropped circular fisheyes which has wide enough vertical angle of view to cover the zenith and nadir. For full frame fisheye users, it is only for outdoor panos when there is nothing important at the zenith to care about parallax. you can tilt from -65 deg to +90 deg (offset from NPP) for R1. You can take handheld zenith and nadir shots for R10. The rotator supports 2, 3, 4, 6 shots around. It is universal for all fisheye lens.
R1/10 is not to replace multi-row spherical head such as NN3/5. It is only for small group of fisheye lenses. There is no plan to support rectilinear lens.
if you are not sure how it works, wait until more info is available--manual, video, review or demonstration panos by users.